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Ciaran behind the desk at Forest FM

He’s been a Eurovision Song Contest fan as long as he can remember…

(Shockingly, it’s been quite a while! )

Ever since he was born, Ciaran has watched the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a staple in the Tuttiett household in Portchester, Hampshire. Born in May 1986, Ciaran just missed out on witnessing the contest that year in Bergen, Norway in his nappies and bobbing up and down on his Mum & Dad’s knee to J’aime La Vie by Sandra Kim. Growing up in a British and Irish household in the late 1980s and early 1990s, it was a exciting time to be a proud Eurovision Song Contest fan. Ireland and the United Kingdom were winning the contest or at least coming towards the top of the contest scoreboard and having the advantage of having English as our national language (as most popular music was in English) we would be able to do very well in a competition about music. So, many a time Ciaran and his family could cheer on Johnny Logan, Scott Fitzgerald, Live Report, Liam Reilly, Samantha Janus, Linda Martin, Michael Ball etc… This excitement each year culminated into a huge addiction for Ciaran from a young age and to this day, cannot go a day without listening to at least one song from the Eurovision Song Contest. Or, a related artist to the contest itself.

Carola (Sweden’s winner of the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest in Rome, Italy)

Ciaran’s first memory of the Eurovision Song Contest was Carola’s winning song at the famous 1991 Eurovision in Rome, Italy with “Fångad av en stormvind”. Looking back at the contest, he remembers Carola’s outfit and remembering she looked a little like “Peter Pan” as famously the late great Sir Terry Wogan mentioned in his commentary for the UK. The incredible performance she gave with a great vocal, catchy tune and the huge wind machines, made Ciaran a fan for life.

Ciaran became a Radio Presenter in January of 2012 at Southampton’s Local Radio Station called Voice FM and knew he had to share his love of the world’s biggest and greatest singing competition. While hosting the Sunday Breakfast Show between late 2012 and mid 2014, he gave the listeners of Southampton and around the world a taste of the Eurovision Song Contest each week with his segment “The Eurovision Showcase” where he would have listeners of the contest vote each week, to find out what song will be played on the radio. It was so successful that Ciaran wanted to extend his enthusiasm for the contest with hosting his own radio show about it. Sadly, this wasn’t possible as the station had other ideas with the playout content. So, Ciaran found his home at Forest FM in July of 2014. From October that year “The Eurovision Showcase on Forest FM” was born. This was to culminate to a Sunday afternoon slot at 5pm!

One of the joys of attending the Eurovision Song Contest is meeting up with fellow Eurovision friends and fans. From left to right – Iðunn Dögg Gylfadóttir(Idda), Dan Cobbett, Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett, Drífa Þöll Arnardóttir, Rob Urry-Tuttiett, Stella Mjöll and Alan Cobbett.
Ciaran being interviewed by Belarusian Television (Belarus 1) at the Eurovision Village in Copenhagen, Denmark at the 2014 contest. They wanted to know my views on Tao (Belarus’ 2014 entrant) – To be honest, I wasn’t the kindest! Ooops LOL
From left to right: Rob Urry-Tuttiett, Niamh Kavanagh and Ciaran Urry-Tuttiett at the EuroCafe in Vienna, Austria in 2015. The best birthday EVER!!!
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