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Moments after Conchita Wurst (Austria’s ESC Winner from 2014) sang her final reprise of “Rise Like a Phoenix” A truly magical moment!.

Friday 20th November 2020

Today is the day I thought to myself “I badly need to do a website! It’s been over 6 years since I started the Eurovision Showcase. I must create one. But, where do I start?”
I was thinking about this for a few months now, so obviously I would inundated for adds about ‘Squarespace’ and ‘WIX’ because that’s what Facebook does, doesn’t it?

So, I sent a FB message to Kylie Wilson on Wednesday night. Kylie has been a good friend to me in the Eurovision Fan Community since 2014 and listening to her podcast ‘ESC Pulse’ it was a must that I had to listen to her advice. She has built a very popular fan podcast and website, which I have been lucky enough to be a guest host on many occasions. Her advice was invaluable to me as she pointed me to the direction of

I must admit it’s no frills, no fuss and clear instructions and payment plan was just exactly what I was looking for. Thank you Kylie! x

I think it’s nothing “special” among the greats here on the Internet but, my greatest WWF/WWE professional wrestler Mick Foley said after he won the World Championship “Big Daddio – I DID IT!!!”

Monday 7th December 2020

A few weeks has passed since the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Warsaw and still for the life of me cannot get the French winning song out of my head. Poor Rob has been witnessing me dancing around the house singing “La La La La La La La J’imagine”. Which I can imagine, gives you the absolute creeps. But, Valentina’s win for France this year has given France it’s first ever win at a Eurovision Song Contest since 1977! It’s a darn catchy tune which is the most important part of having a competitive edge at a singing competition. So, congratulations to France and Valentina!

I’ve officially now launched this website now and I am completely overwhelmed with all the kind and sweet words you have been sending my via Twitter & Facebook. It’s very much appreciated from the bottom of my heart. I have put a lot of time into this show since October 2014, and now being able to showcase the very best of the Eurovision Song Contest to you is what makes me so very happy. Each and every week without fail. x

Tuesday 16th February 2021

The Eurovision Song Contest season is right into full swing and this is where things really start heating up! It’s “almost” our first big “Super Saturday” with Norway selecting it’s entrant (I’m particually praying for Raylee to win), we also have the 3rd Semi Final of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen and also we have the 1st Semi Final of Festival da Canção 2021. I absolutely love this time of year. Yes, maybe the weather is awful and it’s raining almost every day but a lovely warm cosey house sitting on the sofa watching television from across Europe. I adore different types of music and especially in different langauges. It’s absolutely facinating! Still no sign of information from the United Kingdom or Irish deligation which is making things a bit nervous. I just hope that both the UK and Ireland send a up-tempo song this year, as Europe WILL be looking for an escape away from all the negative sad news and stories we’ve been hearing for the last 14 months (by May anyway).

Anyhoo – enjoy the season. Let it wash over you! 🙂

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